Transfer Counseling

Hanna Stotland has extensive experience working with transfer applicants. In fact, they are some of her favorite students. As a transfer herself, and as a mentor to new transfers at Harvard from 1998-2002, Hanna understands the pros and cons of a transfer and the social challenges transfer students need to be prepared for.

Expert help is especially important for transfer applicants because transfer policies at colleges and universities vary widely. Some schools save spots in each class for transfers, so it can be easier to get in as a junior than as a freshman. A few universities (like some University of California campuses) automatically admit transfer applicants who meet certain criteria. Others (like Yale) are much harder to get into as a transfer than as a freshman.

Students attend more than one college for countless reasons. Maybe you needed to attend a community college to repair your record after a rough time in high school. Maybe your admissions results were disappointing the first time around. Maybe the first school is just the wrong fit. Hanna can help you create a strategy that gets you where you belong.