Law School Counseling

When you are considering law school, it pays to talk to an expert. Hanna Stotland was admitted to the law schools of Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, NYU, Michigan, Berkeley, Georgetown, and the University of Wisconsin. She can help you predict and maximize your odds of getting into the school of your choice. Hanna works with each applicant through every step of the process, from planning an LSAT strategy to Yale Law School’s famous 250-word essay.

If you are unsure whether law school is right for you, Hanna will provide straight talk about your job prospects in your chosen field. Law school requires a significant investment of both time and money. You should not rely on the claims made by the law schools themselves about their graduates’ success. Hanna’s five years of experience as a full-time legal career counselor at Northwestern University School of Law and ongoing independent practice in the legal placement field inform her law school admissions counseling work. Before you borrow $150,000 or more, get an insider’s take on the job market you will face.

Hanna sharing law school application advice as a guest on the webcast “College Planning Tip of the Week”: